8 Things Force You to Choose Android App Development Over Other Platforms in 2020

We’re in the time of smart technologies, which makes mobile app development a profitable venture. But for everyone who wants to venture into mobile app development, the first and very crucial question that they need to obtain an answer to is; exactly what platform ought to be targeted ? There are several operating systems used to power smartphones now.

For larger app development companies, they can decide to pursue development simultaneously across multiple programs. But for smaller app development firms or indie programmers, these tools are not readily available which means that they need to make a selection of a particular platform to develop on. The reply to this question will go a long way in determining the success or otherwise of the business enterprise.

Among the multiple platforms offered for mobile app development, there is an overwhelming endorsement for Android over iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. And the reason is not far-fetched. Below are ten reasons to opt for an Android app development company:

  1. Open source (Free)

    This is one of the most significant advantages Android has over other programs. The open source nature of Android makes it easily accessible by cell phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC to be used in their own phones. The code to get Android is totally free and can be employed by any phone manufacturer.

    This makes the marketplace for Android devices the biggest in the world, surpassing that for iOS, Blackberry and Windows place together. According to one statistic, more than 80% of smartphones produced from the world run on Android. This produces a tremendous market for virtually any Android app developer and makes the niche very lucrative.

  2. Portability

    The usage of Java Programming Language for Android app development makes it easy for native Android apps to be ported to other mobile operating systems such as Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Symbian.

    Besides that, Android apps can easily be ported to Chrome OS. In reality, Microsoft has announced it will create a simple method for Android apps to port to Windows 10 devices.

  3. Easily obtained

    Another basis behind the success of this Android operating system is its accessibility. Android development is easy to achieve by any programmer who has knowledge of Java and the Android SDK tool.

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    The Android SDK tool is free and may be obtained very easily. It has the potential and capacity to make some of the most innovative mobile apps.

  4. Massive marketplace

    Still, another reason to think about Android app development along with other programs is that the availability of the marketplace. Google Play Store is the biggest marketplace for mobile apps. There are millions of downloads happening at the shop every single moment. This offers a ready market for any mobile application that is offered there.

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  5. Flexibility

    Regardless of the advantage of the massive marketplace, Android has an added benefit of being able to set up from any other source aside from the market. It’s easy and possible for your apps to be tested and used on multiple devices. The SDK tool is what makes this possible. The app also can be set up on the device directly or through the command line.

  6. Reduced entry barrier

    In contrast to its closest rival, iOS, Android development has far lower entry barriers. All that’s needed for app developers in India who wish to grow in Android is to register as a programmer on the Android marketplace, get your APK prepared and have it submitted to Android.

    The cost of registration for app programmers in India is a one-time payment of $25. Also, Android development can be done on Linux, Mac or Windows operating system. The entrance barrier for Android development is a lot lower and the approval procedure is much simpler.

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    To develop for iOS, app developers in India should use a Mac. Also, to register as a developer on the App store developers will be required to pay a yearly subscription fee of $99.

  7. Job prospects

    There are enormous job opportunities offered for app programmers in India which are adept at Android app development. One of the explanations for this can be that Android is manufactured in Java. Having knowledge of Java puts you in a fantastic position to enter other areas like programming and web designing.

    You can opt to use it as a data analyst or as a system admin in app development firms. As soon as you master Android app development, you can develop applications for the additional OS.

    The general belief is that iPhones are made for its wealthy, therefore iPhone users will be more inclined to invest more on apps as compared to Android users. This could be true in years past however, the status quo is rapidly changing. Recently, Android apps have been found to be as profitable, if not more rewarding, as an iOS app.

    Additionally, many apps come with ads model, which translates to mean that so long as the advertisements are shown to users, the developer has paid. Advertising cost is reduced on Android, this means that more users are promoted on Android apparatus than on iOS devices for the same amount.

  8. Penetration of different apparatus

    Android has found a method to ubiquitous. Everywhere you turn you find a device running on the Android operating system, from Smart TVs to Pills, from outdoor security camera settings to Video game players, from Smart Watches to Automobile systems. You’ll discover Android on drones, smartphones, media players and car DVD players. The amount of devices running on Android is staggering.

    What does this mean for developers? The response; chances. These various devices provide exceptional chances. Users of these different devices anticipate peculiar encounters and will have expectations different from smartphone users. Android app developers can, consequently, develop applications for every kind of customer segment. This helps to expand their base and increase their earnings by several folds.