A definitive tutorial on managing refunds with WooCommerce

January 21, 2015 | Woocommerce, WordPress


Attending to full/partial refund requests is something you might have been doing as an e-store owner. With customers asking for a full/partial refund for purchased products, you’d have surely met frustration ample number of times. It is through this tutorial that I intend to familiarize you with two handy methods of managing refunds for multiple e-store products.

WooCommerce 2.2- Managing refunds is quite convenient

Product refunds are indeed one of the most crucial aspects of an e-commerce store and with the all new WooCommerce 2.2 and higher versions, you get the flexibility of processing product refunds either directly from within the order(applicable only if the feature is supported by the chosen payment gateway) or you may even opt for doing so using a manual approach. Read the full story…


How About Getting Trained To Become A Developer With Athletic Training Prepositions

| Miscellaneous

Athelete WordPress developer

We have heard of several training courses for developers that guarantees to deliver more refined and polished tech skills that can make you an adept software programmer. With this article, I have come up with a little unique training idea.

If you are an amateur or a well-versed developer, you can undergo an endurance training process to further fulfill your professional endeavors. This training process is somehow similar to the athletic training process. While keeping the principles of athletic principles in mind, developers can make better strives in the correct direction and then could efficiently meet their objectives. Read the full story…


Android Silver – Understanding it inside out

January 16, 2015 | Android, Mobile

Image 1

Google has always been delivering bigger and better products to its global customer base. The company has introduced some of the finest devices that offer users an easy access to high-end hardware and a great Android experience. Over the recent years, Nexus has been Google’s answer to the leading smartphone manufacturers located all over the world. Although Nexus have never been ranked as the best selling smartphones, they have served as a gentle reference for everything that Android can offer.   Regarded as Google’s next-gen line of high-performing Android devices, Android Silver was supposed to replace Nexus. Although  the Android Silver plan was never confirmed by the search engine giant, it has been claimed that the idea of releasing Nexus 6 has been dumped in the process. If you’re an Android fan and want to learn more about Android Silver then keep on reading as I’ve covered some interesting insights for you.

  Read the full story…


12 Advantages Of Responsive Web Design Over Separate Mobile & Desktop Websites

January 14, 2015 | Mobile

Responsive web design - approach and advantages

With more & more people heading towards mobile devices for the internet surfing, it has become imperative for the online retailers to come up with the websites that work flawlessly across diverse platforms. After progressive enhancement in 2012, responsive web design is firmly established as one of the top website design trends. It is considered the best way to develop a website, which mobile users love to browse and navigate. 2013 has been called ‘The Year Of Responsive Web Design’. Many sources even recommend responsive technique as a cost-efficient alternative to the mobile applications.

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Leveraging the jQuery UI effects framework for Fueling jQuery

January 7, 2015 | jQuery

Jquery UI-Effects

With jQuery UI emerging as the best means for creating dynamic and feature-loaded user interfaces, the pursue for innovative jQuery UI effects framework is most likely to continue. The existence of third-party JavaScript libraries has helped developers to write bug-free web applications at a faster pace. Today, it’s actually tedious to track a software developer who doesn’t work using a handful of APIs. Thanks to the easy existence of jQuery UI effects framework, web developers can add innovative functionalities into the web apps in their attempt to enhance the performance by a great measure. Today, through this post I’ll be introducing you to some of the best jQuery UI effects modules that have rendered some  exceptional capabilities to web programmers all over the world.   Read the full story…


WP VPS configuration guideline- A must-know for DIY hosting aspirants

January 2, 2015 | Web Development, WordPress

Considering you are well familiar with the pros of VPS hosting, I’ve decided to pen down this tutorial which teaches you a simple 10-step technique of setting up VPS(Virtual Private Server) for your WordPress enriched site/blog. Here’s hoping by the end of this tutorial, all your doubts/misconceptions regarding the DIY approach of web hosting would cease to exist.

And now, let’s discuss the steps that you are supposed to follow for setting your WordPress VPS: Read the full story…


9 Super Awesome Criteria For Designing Wonderful Mobile Apps

December 29, 2014 | Mobile, Web Design

9-Super-Awesome-Criteria-For-Designing-Wonderful-Mobile-Apps 570PX

It is hard to go wrong with a mobile application, yet the greatest parts of the applications that are created these days are imperfect at their core. When you are creating a versatile application, you need to get a few basic things about your application right to underpin its risks. There are 9 discriminating parameters that can make your application a great success. They are: Read the full story…


10 Amazing Tips for Creating a Wonderful Web Design

December 24, 2014 | Web Design


Everybody wants to create a website but nobody knows how. It is important for you to visit a professionals website designer when you are getting designed a website for your company. These companies are stuffed with a team of highly experienced web designers who are skilled and experts in designing websites for any type of company.

But still if you know some basics of graphic designing and want to design your website yourself then here are some useful Website Design Tips that will help you in creating a wonderful website.

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8 Most Important Things Web Designers Usually Miss While Launching a Website

December 23, 2014 | Web Design


Web designers are very much focused on their work when they design websites. They keep check on every minor thing while designing their projects but generally wheat happen is they miss certain things when they decide to launch a website. Designing and launching a website are two different things. So the way you focus on your work while designing you have to be serious in the same way when you launch your website. Let us have a look at some of the common mistakes that Web designers make while launching their website.

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Mobile Web Development Goes Beyond HTML, CSS and JS

November 28, 2014 | Mobile

Mobile Web Development Goes Beyond HTML CSS and JS

When it comes to developing apps for Smartphones, we begin considering the different app development options such as web, native and hybrid. Web apps are created and then deployed to a server, and can be viewed via any device browser. On the other hand, native apps are developed for specific device platforms and can be downloaded via an app store. Lastly, hybrid apps embed web apps inside a native wrapper, and thus combines the best elements of both web apps and native apps. Hybrid apps are also distributed via app stores.

The problem is that while developing mobile apps, we pay attention to the technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript but overlook meeting several other app development goals. In this guest post, you’ll learn about several other key aspects of mobile web development that are essential for building a successful app. Read the full story…

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